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Serj Tankian Thinks Fans Wanting New SYSTEM OF A DOWN Is "The Biggest Compliment In The World"

But will we ever get it?


The idea of a new System of a Down record has been floating around for years, with vocalist Serj Tankian recently seeming to come around on maybe wanting to do one. Outside the band's two new songs, we haven't gotten a new System of a Down record since the double album Mezmerize / Hypnotize in 2005. Meaning that Tankian has likely been asked about putting out new System of a Down music for 16-ish years.

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Despite constantly being asked, Tankian said in a recent interview with Vulture that he takes fans' need for a new album as a huge compliment.

"Look, the fact that a lot of people are interested in us having new music is the biggest compliment in the world. It's not frustrating to me," he said. "It's always a compliment, because if people forgot about you as an artist, and no longer care whether you put out music or not, that would be worse, right? So, I think it's always a compliment when there's all that attention, and love, and wanting the new music.

"Now, when people come and say, 'Fuck you. I don't care what you think. Just give me another System record,' that's kind of rude. That I'll respond to, and say 'Go fuck yourself.' I don't like the attitude, but I love the fact that people love the band and the music, to a point of frustration, and I'm sorry that people are frustrated.

"But it is what it is. You know? As an artist, you have to make the music that you feel most comfortable with."

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Read the full interview here.

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