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SEEMLESS Frontman Jesse Leach "If you are a Musician…I am calling you out…RISE UP & MAKE A DIFFERNCE!"

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Frontman Jesse David Leach posted online a very heart felt and inspirational "challenge" to his fellow musicians today on an official SEEMLESS Myspace bulletin. Leach who is more known for his stint in KILLSWITCH ENGAGE with his passionate and compassionate inspirational lyrics. Here is what he said:

How do we live in this world with so many Wars, human suffering & social injustice & not react. How is it in the US we are facing a war where we have our own country men comming home in body bags everyday, Nevermind all of the wars & human suffering the world over that we are not even aware of.

Our earth is being suffocated & exploited by multinational corporations, our air & water are becoming more & more filled with pollution. The food we eat is "modified" to keep costs low & raise profit in turn causing cancer & disease! Our Rainforests& trees, the core of all clean air on this earth is being decimated. The amount of cars that continue to pollute (including myself & you of course) with no strong movement to convert to eco-friendly energy. This world is so overpowered by greed & lust for the almighty dollar, people almost never stop to consider the consequense…do you?

As a person who lives for music I really watch the "mainstream" music ,because as an underground artist it really inspires a strong reaction in me. When I see videos & "singles" that are just mindless ramblings & shallow nothings, it really starts to grate & turn my stomatch. Enough mindless stuff enough METAL that all has the same kick drum sound & carbon copies of songs that sound the same or songs about some girl with breast implants & fast cars. Or "Fake pop Hip hop" about spending money (money that more than 3/4 of the listeners can never afford or ever dream of having in there possesion) or fat rims on your car or you bling or iced out grill & objectifying women once again (why is there so much disrespecting women in music!). This stuff is dumbing down our youth & creating a false reality for them or you to strive for…along with everything else we are spoonfed by the media.

Where are the protest songs, where is the outcry. Granted there are some but so few! I really feel there is a very large portion of our youth that is either indifferent or just so out of touch it that it just astounds me on a daily basis. If we would just seperate ourselves form all of our daily routine distractions: TV, Games,Cellphones, & yes the computer. Imagine how much more you would discover in life, how musch more aware of the air you breathe & how this world speaks to you & 9 times out of ten it falls on def ears





The future of this world & the future of our children depend on you. MUSIC is one of the strongest tools in the world it is universal….
People are listening to you when you pick up a mic…so what are you saying & what are your videos saying??!!! STOP FILLING THE AIR with NONSENCE & selfish rantings about things that matter little in the grand scheme of things…………………..

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with who ever cares & is listening….sometimes you just have to vent

from your fellow Musician, Revolutionary, Rebel & friend…

God be with you & ONE Love!


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