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SECOND DEATH Launches GoFundMe After Serious Motor Vehicle Accident

The band is currently in the hospital.

Second Death Accident

Second Death was traveling from Georgia to Pennsylvania to prepare for a handful of shows with Bury Your Dead when a driver clipped their vehicle. The band was sent careening off the road, leaving everyone in the van hospitalized and all their gear and merchandise destroyed.

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Second Death has since launched a GoFundMe to help with hospital bills and recovering all that was lost. Donate to the band here.

"Hello all! We are a band called Second Death from Valdosta, Georgia. We were 20 minutes away from completing our 17 hour drive from Valdosta, GA to stay at our guitarist's house in Warminster, Pennsylvania when out of nowhere a negligent driver clipped our rear end (we are still unsure if it was our trailer or our van that was initially hit) causing us to spin out and crash off into a lamppost.

"Thankfully we were able to walk away with our lives but this accident has landed us in a hospital in Pennsylvania far from home with varying injuries ranging from fractured ribs and broken feet. Not only has this landed us in the hospital but this is leaving us with no choice but to drop a tour that we didn't get a chance to even start with a band that inspired us to exist, we lost our van, and we lost all possible merch and gear we have due to a tow company that cleaned up the accident that won't allow us to at the least see the damage to our gear without paying for the cleanup.

"This GoFundMe will go towards paying our medical expenses our insurances won't cover, towing fees, our damaged gear, future legal expenses. We appreciate everybody that took the time out to reach out to us and donate in our surprising time of need. We look forward to getting back on the road and touring again and making it up to everybody who was looking forward to seeing us this summer.

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"If you read this far, thank you very much for your time."

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