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SCORPIONS Drummer Gets Drunk in Dubai Airport, Insults Islam, Gets Thrown In Jail

Here he is, drunk like a hurricane.

Here he is, drunk like a hurricane.

Here's some advice. If you're drunk as fuck in Dubai, you might want to keep your mouth shut as opposed to shouting insults towards the country's people. Unlike in America, you do not have freedom of speech in Dubai.

Scorpions drummer James Kottak did not get that memo earlier this month, as he arrived in Dubai drunk, after having 5 glasses of wine while traveling to Bahrain for their Formula One Grand Prix a few days later.

According to The National, while transferring flights, Kottak and a friend made a wrong turn and ended up in a transit hall where Kottak started swearing at Muslim and Pakistani passengers shouting about "non-educated Muslims" and ended up dropping his pants and mooning the airport, asking people to touch his behind, and waving his middle finger in the air. Very classy.

Kottak continued to drunkenly complain about the smell in the airport:

Officer AA said he heard the drummer saying “what is this disgusting smell” before he insulted Islam. “I didn’t see anything else but I heard him. I then informed my supervisor, who came and took the defendant away,” said AA.

SO, a 27-year-old client service employee at the airport, said: “When he [Kottak] saw the Pakistani and Afghani passengers, he covered his nose and said that there was no way he will travel with them.”

Kottak denies saying anything profane and says he did not lower his pants to flash his ass, but rather to show a tattoo on his back. He denied ever calling anybody a non-educated Muslim, despite all the eyewitnesses saying he did so.

Kottak is currently serving a month in jail and was fined Dh2,000, which translates to about $545 US dollars.

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