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SYSTEM OF A DOWN to play Download Fest?

Graham "Gruhamed" Hartmann

SYSTEM OF A DOWN to play Download Fest?

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That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's time for chapter three of the multi-award winning column known worldwide as SYSTEM-WATCH 2010!!!!

After minutes of hardcore research, wheel-greasing and heavy interrogation, I uncovered evidence which lead me to believe that the Armenian metal act System of a Down may very well be re-forming to tour sometime in 2011. I later came across further evidence after seconds of investigation on Wikipedia that System may be performing at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy in Paris, France in June of that very year. Now, after even more investigation into the end of System's hiatus and engaging in acts of which I'm not proud, another piece of evidence has been revealed; System of a Down may be headlining England's Download Festival in 2011.

On November 21, a Twitter user by the name of butlerl123 asked SOAD bassist Shavo Odadjian the following question:

any truth in SOAD playing download festival 2011?????

Recognizing the importance of the question, most likely due to the amount of question marks used, the bassist offered an answer:

— stay tuned

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Much like myself, butlerl123 was elated by the response, and replied:

ima take that asa yes!!!!! im guessing youd headline ..maybe sub for a band like say..the mighty Metallica!? epic!

SYSTEM OF A DOWN to play Download Fest?

I couldn't agree more! Ima also gonna take it asa yes. And subbing for the mighty 'tallica? Be epic indeed! I'm sure James and the gang won't be happy to hear that they've been kicked off the bill, even though drummer Lars Ulrich once backed out of playing the fest in 2004 because he went nuts on a plane. Could the Download Festival be teaming up with System of a Down to enact their revenge on Lars? Find out in the next installment of:


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