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Rumor That TOOL Will Release 2.5 Hour Double-Album This Fall Is Probably BS, But Here It Is Anyway

Rumors of a new Tool album called Decem might not be true, but they're fun to read.

Rumors of a new Tool album called Decem might not be true, but they're fun to read.

The wait for a new Tool album has almost become a joke, but could the wait be almost over?

Back in April, Tool's webmaster reported that the arranging of the music was almost complete. Meanwhile, in an interview with Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne last month, he brought up Tool's new album and mentioned the shortest song on the new album is probably 12 minutes long, but the band hadn't even started recording yet. This all leads to an interesting new post that surfaced on Reddit that was soon deleted, but still cached on Google. The fan claims the band will soon release a 2.5 hour double albume called Decem. Here's exactly what the rando posted:

I think Tool has been leading us on in the press. I absolutely cannot reveal my sources for this. Let's just say that the mixing process has happened.

Tracklist for Decem:
Abscissa (13:47)
The Awakening (12:03)
Gematria (Act I) (14:33)
Regresolution (13:56)
Divinotus (12:45)
Astral (Act II) (12:21)
Descending (13:53)
Decem (12:22)
Lesous (Act III) (12:43)
Principles of March (12:01)
Pascal's Wager (13:46)
Zeta (Act IV) (14:27)

Edit: I logged back in after a few hours and, holy shit, this blew up. I can't possibly reply to everyone now but I will try to get any additional piece of information I can to try and add further validity. I'm excited too and I hope this is true.
Edit 2: Under no circumstance will I reveal any personal information about the source. Please stop asking.

Naturally, some fans began to call bullshit on this speculation and demanded some sort of proof. While the original poster did not offer any, he did offer further speculation in other comments:

Although I really don't think this is a troll job from my source there is one thing that makes me suspicious. "Decem", if my research is right, means "ten". Could that refer to the ten years between albums? If so, that seems awful meta for Tool.

Some of you have made reference to things said in past interviews and established a time line based upon what was said. For instance, "they said they haven't started recording yet." You all have admitted yourselves that Tool operates in misinformation so how do we know what's true and what isn't? And another thing…..from what I am gathering Tool is aware they do not need much of a marketing timeframe. We'll leave it at that.

If this really is part of an elaborate ruse by the band then I am being used to do it. That's pretty awesome in itself.

Well, we've already seen Tool play at least a part of "Descending" live, so at least a small portion of this is true.

As much as I want to believe, it seems a bit too good to be true. Could this guy be lying? Is he making up a source? Or is his source fucking with him? We don't quite know yet.

But, I guess if in a few months, Tool does end up releasing an album called Decem, we'll all feel a bit silly, won't we?

Another commenter also claimed, based on sources in the touring industry, that Tool is planning a major tour. Tool already have some select shows lined up including headlining Sacramento's Aftershock festival. We'll know for sure when October rolls around, if Tool is indeed about to begin a new album promo cycle. You would think a big fest like Aftershock would be a great place to debut new music, wouldn't it?

What do you think of these rumors? Do you believe them?


[via MetalSucks]

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