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Malcolm Young Rumored To Be Playing On All Tracks on the Next AC/DC Record

Angus Young plans to dedicate the next AC/DC album to his brother, Malcolm

Angus Young plans to dedicate the next AC/DC album to his brother, Malcolm

Here's a fun rumor for you, JAM Magazine is claiming that Malcolm Young will be playing on the next AC/DC album.

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We do know that the next album is currently being worked on. Estranged drummer Phil Rudd and vocalist Brian Johnson were both spotted on the deck of the same studio AC/DC recorded their last albums. But now, Malcolm will be on the album too?

Jam Magazine notes that Angus plans to dedicate the album to his brother, and five years prior to recording the Black Ice album, the two Young brothers lived together and wrote hundreds of songs, many of which were recorded and stashed away.

According to the source, Angus is in the studio now, selecting the best tracks and mixing with Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams and Brian Johnson on vocals.

Seeing as though the band haven't even made a formal announcement yet, we can't begin to speculate on when we could expect a release, but I would venture we could be seeing something by next summer.

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Malcolm died in November of last year after a long battle with dementia. He was only 64.

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