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Is DAATH Teasing A Comeback?

One picture certainly seems like they are.


Daath hasn't released any new music since their 2010 self-titled album, but that might be about to change? The band posted a photo on Facebook of guitarist Eyal Levi's Ibanez Iceman next to a laptop and a recording interface with the caption "????????." Which I mean, why be mysterious about it and post a guitar next to a recording rig if you're not teasing something, right?

Levi previously addressed Daath's absence in a 2018 interview, saying the band never really went anywhere. They just haven't done anything.

"We didn't really go anywhere. That's what a hiatus is, we just stopped. We were at a point where we had worked really really hard on the band and the growth was not matching the amount of work we put in it. And yet, the clock kept ticking on our age. And so, you know, you don't wanna be that has-been that just doesn't get the picture and is still trying to beat a dead horse. I'll never be that guy. I don't wanna speak for the other guys in the band cause they're capable of explaining it themselves but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they don't wanna be that guy either. None of us wanted to be that lame has-been who doesn't know when the project has expired. No way.

"So, we had been feeling that way for a while, and then I got an opportunity from a studio called Audio Hammer right around that time we were touring around with Chimaira a lot, and they were losing members left and right and so it just made sense to… kinda… morph our lineup into theirs. Their members were dropping like flies and the one thing about Daath is we really did have great players and guys in the band – except for me,  I'm the worst player. The guys I played with were among the very, very best in the world and we all knew the Daath gig was almost done… and then one day, we just decided hiatus. Maybe we'll do something again, the music's great. We don't hate each other THAT much – maybe a little but not that much… If we do something, we do something. But for now, we gotta move on with our lives."
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