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Is BEHEMOTH Working With A Nü-Metal Producer On Their Next Album?

Behemoth are due for a new album soon. The band has completed their comeback run of touring after Nergal's leukemia scare, the band is in writing mode.

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Which makes the attached photo of Behemoth with producer Ross Robinson all the more curious.

Robinson made his name in the late 90s producing every big nu-metal album, including Limp Bizkit's breakthrough album, Soulfly's Roots, Slipknot's Iowa and more. So is Behemoth going nü?

I would say no, but what they are looking for is a more accessible sound. I think this might be the perfect next step for the band. While they are really big in the underground, they are not huge "above ground." Most Ozzy and Metallica fans don't know who Behemoth are, so maybe they are looking to appeal more to that demo, without compromising their sound.

I'm interested to see what Behemoth come up with. [via Metalsucks]

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