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DISMEMBER Launches New Website, Maybe Teasing Reunion?

Or a reissue?

Or a reissue?

Dismember, the iconic Swedish band that helped invent the country's popular death metal sound, released their final album in 2008 and broke up in 2011. In 2016, drummer Fred Estby told Invisible Oranges "maybe we should try to do some shows and get everything back. We always owned our rights to the albums and shirts, but there's still loose ends to tie up. I just wanted to set the record straight and hopefully do some shows in the future."

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Now in 2018, Dismember has launched a mysterious website. The site features a negative version of the artwork for their 1992 EP Pieces, and if you dig into the HTML, uses all five members of the band at that time as keywords. This includes Estby and guitarist David Blomqvist, both of whom were in the band since 1990 and 1988 (respectively) until the breakup, and bassist Richard Cabeza, vocalist Matti Kärki, and guitarist Robert Sennebäck.

You can check out the site here, but it doesn't do much. Here's hoping this means a reunion! Though these days, album-specific teases like this usually mean reissues… but I'm still pulling for a reunion here. People have also been referencing this post from artist Dan Seagrave who originally did the artwork to 1991's Like an Everflowing Stream. Seagrave points out that this sequel painting is not for Dismember, but a "private commission for somebody in Germany."

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