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Woman Accusing Ronnie Radke of Rape Speaks

This is getting serious.

This is getting serious.

The tale of Ronnie Radke's alleged sexual assault has a new chapter. Last week, a Utah female went to Facebook to suggest that she was the victim of  rape, accusing Ronnie Radke of forcing himself on her sexually, leaving her with a bruised jaw and vaginal tearing. Radke denied any involvement, saying there was no arrest record or evidence that it happened, even though the victim provided two eyewitness accounts. Radke's friend provided an alibi for him and Radke has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman.

AltPress was able to get in contact with the alleged victim, 25-year-old Katelynd “Kacee” Boswell, who offered her account of the accusation. One of the more troubling passages of her retelling was when Kacee was asked to recount the events of that night:

My lawyers have told me not to. I've been completely barraged by text messages and phone calls saying I should kill myself, saying that I’m too ugly to be raped. I've been accused of extorting him for money and all sorts of things. My statement to those people is: "Wait until the rape kit comes back” and the police report gets sorted out with the witness.

We can only imagine the type of harassment Kacee had to deal with and we doubt it's fun. Kacee also clarified a previous report that she was "gang raped" denying that was the case, even though her friend was the one who mentioned it:

I never accused anyone of gang rape. With all due respect, I'm not willing to go through a play-by-play of the night. But I never said that anybody gang-raped me. [..] At the hospital, a Murray Police Department officer asked me if I knew exactly where they were. I told her that they [had played] the Murray Theater. So they did the whole rape kit thing, which is so embarrassing, and just so degrading. They had given me some pain medicine. I was at the hospital for over two hours. The officer came back and said they had caught them right before the bus was leaving, which contradicts [what Ronnie and his bodyguard] told the witness, which was that they had to leave right then to get to bus call. So they left me on the side of the road and went to go play pool at a bar. I believe they went to The Woodshed. Somebody from, I guess, Slaves, or whatever band, said that I was with them at the bar, which is absolutely insane, because I wasn't. So they lied about that.

She added that the sexual assault happened on the bus:

You have stated today, for the record, that you never said it was a gang rape. But you aresaying it was Ronnie and his bodyguard, or it was just Ronnie?
It was Ronnie. I think a comment that I left on my Facebook got misconstrued. I can't remember exactly what it was… I said something along the lines of, "his bodyguard too" [with a] sad face. I should have been more descriptive, like, "He was there."

Ronnie's bodyguard did not participate and was not present for the assault?
He was there, but he wasn't a participant.

He watched it go down, or he was just on the bus?
He was on the bus.

Needless to say there is plenty more to the story, so head over to AltPress to read the rest.

If you or somebody you know has been the victim of sexual assault, please reach out to RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual assault orginazation. 

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