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ROB ZOMBIE Is Crowd Funding His New Movie 31

Rob Zombie is poor and needs your help!

Rob Zombie is poor and needs your help!

Rob Zombie is crowd funding his new movie 31 and is seeking $2 million to do so. Usually I'm all for crowd funding and asking your fans to help you out, but this seems a little ridiculous. Kevin Smith once said he would never crowdfund because that takes money away from independent filmmakers. I guess Rob doesn't feel that way.

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I get that you need a pretty decent amount of money to fund a movie, and I get that in order to secure this money you're going to need some kickass perks that will make people want to throw their money at you. Are you ready for the overall lunacy that is the perks for this? Obviously I'm omitting some here and going straight for the insane one. Keep in mind there is only one perk below $50, which is for $15, and includes some "31 swag." Not the movie, just stuff pertaining to the movie. Anyway-

  • For $50 you can get a signed 31 poster, or a movie t-shirt, or a signed copy of the movie.
  • For $300 Rob Zombie will follow you on Twitter. Whether he gives a damn about anything you'll say is entirely up to him, but you can make your friends think you're cool!
  • For $750 your name appears at the end of the movie. That's it.
  • For $10,000 you can be listed as an executive director.

Keep in mind it certainly appears as though if you go for the higher perks, you're not getting anything else below it. That's it. Again, I understand that it takes money for stuff like this to happen, but is someone going to seriously sit there and tell me Zombie couldn't secure this money any other way? Even then, fine- he feels like he's connecting with his fans and this is a great way to do that… dude, those perks. I have to pay $50 for the movie I just helped you out make?

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