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Rob Halford Says Probably No New JUDAS PRIEST In 2020

"Probably not, no. But we're starting work [on new material]."

judas priest rob halford

In what shouldn't be too surprising news, Judas Priest likely won't release a new album in 2020. Vocalist Rob Halford recently said the band would be working on the new album in 2020, but will spend a good portion of the year preparing for and out on the road for their 50th anniversary.

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In a new interview with WRIF, Halford states he doesn't think a new record will be out in 2020. He also adds that he'd love to still be doing what he's doing at 80 years old, which given his performance on Judas Priest's 2018 album Firepower, seems pretty doable.

"Probably not, no. But we're starting work [on new material]. And like I've always said, it'll be ready when it's ready. But we're probably moving faster than we ever did, because the clock is ticking. Thank you, Rolling Stones. When I watch Mick and the boys, man, it makes my heart swell. And [the way] those guys are doing it at that point in their life — man. I said year ago, I wanna be screaming out 'Painkiller' when I turn 80; I wanna be on a stage somewhere."

Right now all we know for absolute sure is Judas Priest will hit the road with Ozzy in Europe in October 2020. Get Judas Priest dates and tickets here.

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