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RICHIE FAULKNER Has A Few Favorite JUDAS PRIEST Songs To Play Live

His favorite is from 1976.


Richie Faulkner has had over a decade to come up with his favorite Judas Priest songs to play live, and there are a few of 'em. In an interview with Harley Roxx, Faulkner named a handful of songs as his favorites, but ultimately landed on the 1976 song "Victim Of Changes" if he had to choose just one.

"I love 'Victim Of Changes,'" said Faulkner. "I love 'The Sentinel'. I mean, the ones that I've written with the band, they're kind of your favorites for a different reason — you've had a part in creating them and they're great to play for a different reason. But the classics you've grown up with, like, as I said, 'The Sentinel'… 'Freewheel Burning' is always fun to play. 'Night Comes Down' is a great one to play.

"I think they're all great. 'Electric Eye'. When that intro goes off, 'The Hellion' before 'Electric Eye', that's like a goosebump moment. They're all great. But I have to say if there was one, it would probably be 'Victim Of Changes'. It's just an epic, epic song. 'Painkiller' is great too. It just goes off; the audience goes off. For a guitar player, it's great. It's just a fantastic song."

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