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SHADOWS FALL Is Actively Trying To Reunite For First Shows Since 2015

Posted by on July 24, 2019 at 12:59 pm

Shadows Fall's last show was at Mill City Ballroom in Lowell, MA on August 23, 2015. The band only played three shows that year, but they're working on doing more. According to drummer Jason Bittner, Shadows Fall "always chat dates but our schedules are just whack right now between Anthrax and Overkill both being active touring bands -we are trying, but we’re still waiting for the right time."

For those unaware, Bittner currently drums in Overkill, guitarist Jonathan Donais is in Anthrax, other guitarist Matthew Bachand is in Act Of Defiance and plays with Hatebreed live, and vocalist Brian Fair has Overcast, Downpour, and Hell Night. So the guys are certainly a little busy. Shadows Fall released their last album Fire From The Sky in 2012 and has not spoken publicly about any kind of follow-up.

So here's hoping, right? If not a new record, at least some more shows.

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