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Radio Station Deletes All STEEL PANTHER After Playing "Glory Hole" On Air

"The content of that song does not resonate with who we are as a radio station and as individuals."

Steel Panther

LM Radio recently played "Glory Hole" on their station and fans clearly weren't pleased. The station quickly took to social media to issue the following apology, saying they never meant to play Steel Panther and that all the band's music has been deleted from their servers.

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LM Radio broadcasts to South Africa and Rhodesia and advertises themselves as playing "the smoothest tunes from the 70s to today." So I'm sure it was probably a little shocking when lyrics like "Honey, I don't wanna know who's sucking my dick today" and "I'm gonna blow my load at the glory hole, blow my load at the glory hole" popped up.

"On behalf of LM Radio, I want to apologize unreservedly for the song 'Glory Hole' by Steel Panther that was played just after 2 pm yesterday (Sunday)," stated the station. "This song, together with others from Steel Panther, was inadvertently backed up onto our Server following the cyber-attack on our systems earlier this year."

"When an Hour is short-scheduled, the system automatically includes songs to fill the hour. 'Glory Hole' was unfortunately the song picked by the system."

"We have immediately deleted ALL Steel Panther songs from our Servers. I again apologize for this and assure you that the content of that song does not resonate with who we are as a radio station and as individuals."

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Steel Panther of course had a much different reaction, which mostly consisted of laughing. Their original post cited LM Radio's now-deleted statement, saying "They say, 'We're sorry.' We say, 'You're welcome.'"

Steel Panther recently announced their first new record in four years On The Prowl alongside the debut single "Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)" that will never make it to LM Radio. On The Prowl is out February 24 and pre-orders are available here.

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