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> DEMON HUNTER are currently in the studio recording their 4th album, due out by the end of the year via Solid State. The album is being produced by Aaron Sprinkle (THE ALMOST, EMERY), and will be mixed by Machine (WHITE ZOMBIE, LAMB OF GOD, ARMOR FOR SLEEP).

> AEON have posted the following statement in regards to canceling their appearance on the Metal Blade 25th Anniversary Tour:

“We’re sorry to say that we have no other option but to cancel the Metal Blade 25th Anniversary U.S. tour in Sept/Oct. This is due to a decision by Nils to not go on the tour since it would conflict with upcoming DARK FUNERAL shows / tours and some personal family business.

We did try out a stand-in drummer to bring on the tour, but it was a to short notice for this guy. He is a great drummer but usually he plays metal in the vein of Judas Priest’s Painkiller album and we could only have done the slower AEON-songs, which did not feel 100% AEON. We want to give the American fans exactly what they would expect from an AEON-show.

We are very sorry and angry for this since the whole plan for the release of our upcoming album (already from the booking of studio) was for it to come out before the tour would start. We would like to apologize to Metal Blade for letting you down after all the work you guys put down on us and this tour, and not the least…to all of our U.S. fans. Hopefully, we will come to tour the U.S. later on.”

> FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW have posted the following message about their upcoming album:

“Our new record will be called ‘Conversations.’ It is to be a reflection of worldly topics depicted through interactions between fictional characters having what would appear to be daily communications in their own lives and worlds they inhabit. The idea being that the characters are in the midst of their own lives and can not stop the fact that they will continue being effected by the same topics that govern the real lives of the listeners. Conversations will be a collection of ‘portions’ of stories that show how each person in the world, old or young, poor or wealthy, are in fact touched by the worldly events that continue to happen around us, whether we take notice or not. The ideas of the world at war with itself, the continual destruction of our environment through our selfish human wants and needs, communication itself, and several other worldly and personal topics shall be addressed within the record. Musically our intent is to create music that touches on all the feelings these issues bring up when confronted at a human level. The darkness when dealing with waring nations and the destructions felt therefore, the light and soaring melodies that transpire while dealing with a worthwhile message such as helping the poverty stricken lands in Africa, or simply creating a soup kitchen in ones neighbourhood. This record is, at its deepest idea, an attempt to create fictional characters interacting with one another based on their feelings in and about the world around them. A conversation between strangers, loved ones, children or anyone can allow us into the realm of human thought, leading to an understanding of how and why we, as human beings, act the way we do on certain topics of life. As PINK FLOYD once said, ‘All we have to do is keep talking.”

> THE_NETWORK have posted the following statement detailing the changes within the bands lineup:

“With Scott’s final show being last week on Friday the 13th, we are pleased to announce we have not only one new member but two. The vocal duties will now be handled by Mikey Bones and bass duties by (Wolf Grenade) aka Bennet.

We have been practicing with this new lineup for close to a month now and things are shaping up well beyond all expectations. Writing for the next record has already started. And with Mike and Bennett in the new line up things can be expected to be FAST on the new stuff. We’re heading out for two months come August 3rd where we’ll be spanning the entire U.S. Then we come home for October where we will be doing select weekends before we leave again in November with some yet to be announced headliners.

This is a new leaf we are turning with a new solid line-up, and while our original singer Scott will be missed we are confident that the new stuff will be just as good if not better with the new line-up. If not better then at least faster!”

> KATALYSM has issued a statement addressing their tour cancellation:

“I think we were all in the band looking forward to hitting the road again and raise mayhem, but there’s a lot of magic that just created with the writing process and all of us are too much into it to break the mood and progress. My studio is ready and we dedicated to start recording the new album ‘Prevail’ August 15th and work on it ’till we leave for our European tour at the end of September. We also decided that we will mix the album in January in Florida with producer Jason Suecof which we are looking forward to. Myself and Jason will make sure the album is as flawless as possible with a crushing production!! So for the many fans that were hitting up our MySpace and website looking forward to seeing us live this summer. We sincerely apologize but it’s for a good cause, trust me. On the other side of things we have some very serious offers for November and December so we are planning on hitting the road in the States then. There’s some big things in the horizon… We will keep you posted!”

> Finnish band IMPERANON have decided to call it a day. A statement from their MySpace page reads:

“Sadly, the guys from IMPERANON have decided to call it a day and lay the band to rest. I think I speak for many people when I wish them all the best for whatever path they may choose to follow in the future. R.I.P. – the great IMPERANON (1999 – 2007).”

> British extreme doom band ESOTERIC (not to be confused with Prosthetic Records THE ESOTERIC), have completed writing for their forthcoming album, and will enter the studio soon to record a new album. The new album will have 7 songs, will be over 100 minutes long, and will be released as a double-CD set through Season Of Mist.

Esoteric is also planning to have an LP with 10 Vinyls from Aesthetic Death Records. This set will includes all songs from the first 4 Esoteric albums, and will be the first release the band has ever had on vinyl.

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