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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE's Josh Homme PWNS bloggers and tight-asses everywhere

The story goes Josh Homme was playing a fest and was pretty sick, and then some kid threw a bottle at him. So he called him a "chicken fucking faggot" and "a miserable fucking cunt." So obviously, Homme is a homophobe, and an inconsiderate non-PC person…according to some bloggers and some media, apparently. I really haven't ready any of that, but I can see it. Either way… Josh Homme doesn't take no shit. He swiftly responds:

"Member of the Peanut Gallery: Some journalists and citizens on the Internet are wondering: Q? Am I a homophobe because I included a slang for gay in with other 'acceptable' curse words during a verbal lashing I gave a young concertgoer, after being hit by his shoe, during a show the other day? A= Nope. My gay family and friends, as well as myself, KNOW I am not a homophobe. For years now I've known gay is not a choice; one's skin color doesn't determine one's intelligence level; and red hair doesn't mean you're someone's stepchild. You see, it's not the words, it's their intent. I never said, nor suggested, that being gay is wrong, but apparently, based on your outrage to my flu-infused rant, you do! By that logic… I also told that young whipper snapper I'd have anal sex with him… how can I possibly reconcile these opposing viewpoints? I called him a pussy too. Does it mean I hate our one worlds' collective vagina? I never have been nor intend to be politically correct. That's your cross to bear. To me, that PC world would suck more shit than the porta-potty truck at Glastonbury. Homophobic? I'm in QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, for crissake… You say, 'So. Your band name doesn't prove anything.' Maybe not. But it's a helluva lot more definitive than the logic of some watchdog… (sorry canine-American, canine-European, canine-African, canine-Australian and canine-Asian) moralist, keeping score from pure perfectionville? If your glass house is squeegeed that clean and you need to do something, do what the great philosopher Bill Hicks once suggested — forgive me. Or don't. I'm not asking for either, OK? I think you should let both of your cheeks go loose so the stick will drop out. Either way I expect that you'll soon find another injustice from your chair, then roll to your bullhorn and point it out to the rest of us… Because you're so above it all. Or If you'll allow me to translate a wish of mine into your PC lingo: Will you please go have, consensual, sex with yourself. Pretty please with all natural, carbon offset sugar on top."

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Talk about total pwnage! Watch the incident below:

[via Blabbermouth]

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