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Producer Kurt Ballou's Business Card Is A Distortion Pedal Schematic

Posted by on November 28, 2016 at 12:39 pm

If you've heard the newest albums from High On Fire, NailsGatecreeper, or Trap Them among a ton of others, then you're familiar with Converge guitarist and producer Kurt Ballou's particular brand of distortion. Dude's basically the king of distortion at this point, and he's trying to help you get on his level (a little)! Though you're going to have to do most of the work.

Ballou's business card, as you can see below, is an actual schematic for a distortion pedal. All you need are some parts and the knowhow when it comes to electronics and soldering, which may or may not be your forte. The bummer for those who don't plan on coming in contact with Ballou anytime soon is that he doesn't ship these, so you're gonna have to leave your house.

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Let's build something together. If you see me at a show or on the street or whatever (I won't ship these), ask for my business card PCB. It's free. If you have decent soldering skills, $40-50 to spend on parts, and can follow directions, it can be used to build an awesome distortion pedal! This circuit, called "Brutalist Jr." is a simplified, yet no less brutal version of "Brutalist," a pedal based on the Providence Stampede I'll be releasing in 2017 under the GCI moniker. Thank you to my friends at @dunwichamps and @snkpedals for helping develop this. Paint job on the prototype by @brutalsquid #gci #godcityinstruments #brutalist #brutalistjr #stampede #runitsastampede #diy #buildsomething #businesscard #pcb #businesscardpcb #solder #distortionpedal #diyordie

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