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PHIL ANSELMO Says "It's Time For Peace" With VINNIE PAUL

How many rounds are we into this thing now? At least it's positive now.

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Alright, so we've got Vinnie Paul saying he'll never reunite for more Pantera stuff, Phil saying that Vinnie is "fucking terrified" of him, and then Phil saying that he feels bad for Vinnie. Got that so far? Alright cool, then let's move on to the new stuff!

So in an interview with Brazil's Wikimetal, Anselmo said in regards to a Pantera reunion:

Honestly — and I've spoken with Zakk (Wylde) about (a potential Pantera reunion) as well — we're very aware of the public perception out there, but honestly, until I speak with Vinnie Paul, which has not yet happened, and it doesn't look like it's going to happen, nothing can happen. Honestly, I tell you, my phone is on the hook, my e-mail is wide open, my door is wide open. I would love to talk with Vince. Honestly, if there were no more bad feelings and we could talk, and we could come to an understanding, I think it would mean not only a lot for me and myself — it would mean the world to me — but it would mean a great deal to the fans out there as well. I think people don't want to see this arguing anymore. It's time for some peace. It's time for some brotherhood. And honestly, we should be setting an example instead of being the opposite. And I'll just say that my door is wide open, and so far, Vinnie's door is closed, and it's a shame.

I'm kinda mixed about the reunion if it does end up happening. On the plus side, it'd be sick to see present day Anselmo going totally nuts over the Pantera stuff, and yeah it would be sick to see Dimebag's good buddy shredding out his riffs, but at the same time I'm not even sure people would care. The animosity between members tarnished a lot over the years, and the fact that everyone in Pantera was iconic, will it even matter if everyone isn't present (for obvious reasons)?

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