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Phil Anselmo And Mike Williams Comment On Anselmo-Fronted EYEHATEGOD Gigs

EYEHATEANSELMO is a go for GWAR-B-Q as well.

EYEHATEANSELMO is a go for GWAR-B-Q as well.

Recently we reported that Phil Anselmo would be fronting EYEHATEGOD at its August 19 gig at Southport Music Hall in Richmond, as well as an additional date on August 20 at Gwar-B-Q. I had initially speculated as to how the two vocalist situation would work, but now it's become abundantly clear that EYEHATEGOD's Mike Williams will not be attending the dates due to health issues.

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Here's what Phil Anselmo had to say about the upcoming shows, and Williams' health.

"When our brothers in one of New Orleans's most influential music outfits needs me, I'm there, one thousand percent. There is no secret that I adore my brethren in EYEHATEGOD, as I've always supported them through thick and thin. This present situation will be no different.

"In light of Michael D. Williams's health issues, which he needs to address more importantly than any other point in his life, and should be respected by anyone with a heart, I will do my best to fill in for him. Those are mighty big shoes to fill, but I shall do my best, once again.

"I do believe I speak on behalf of the concerned parties when I state that we ALL NEED Mike IX Williams to heal, recover, and get better [as soon as possible]. These gigs are NOT about me; it is about keeping the obligations of EYEHATEGOD so, as a band and force, they are able to stay true to their commitments to these two gigs.

"My admiration of Mike and all his works, especially EYEHATEGOD, knows zero boundaries, hence, me doing these gigs. Here's to Mike's recovery, and here's to supporting these shows on his behalf. Much love to everyone."

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Williams also commented on the situation, saying he'll get back on stage as soon as possible.

"Due to some recent, very important health issues I am dealing with, I would like to announce that Philip H. Anselmo will be filling in for me at two special EYEHATEGOD gigs; New Orleans's Southport Music Hall and the seventh annual Gwar BQ. Phil has my full blessings for these shows and with all forces willing, I will return to the stage as soon as I am physically able."

Best of luck to Williams, whatever he's dealing with.


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