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People Keep Mistaking This New Jersey Metal Band for an English Pub

What an easy mistake to make!


The fine folks local to The Swashbuckle Tavern Cleethorpes in Cleethorpes, United Kingdom, just want to book a table at their favorite pub. So they go on Facebook, find the Swashbuckle Facebook page, and message away! The only problem is that they're messaging Swashbuckle, the metal band from New Jersey, and not The Swashbuckle Tavern Cleethorpes. The band Swashbuckle hasn't been too nice about it either.

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The band Swashbuckle has been telling people to "go and search for the fucking pub you're looking for and message them," which honestly is fair. After all the messages the band has gotten, I'm sure it's frustrating considering nobody seems to be reading the page they're messaging. Which takes about three seconds.

Swashbuckle has since issued a predictably pissed-off statement.

"Dear People of Cleethorpes UK, you might not be aware that there is a pub/restaurant named "Swashbuckle" in your town.

"We are fully aware because we receive at least a message a week from some clueless dunce asking us to reserve them a table.

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"People, be smarter and do your research before shooting a DM to three idiots in tricorn hats. The response will not be in your favor.

"Also, please don't be like this piece of shit and try to use a cause as important as Black Lives Matter to try and book a corner booth so you can eat Shepard's pie. (SIC)"

One screenshot of a message the band received can be found below, courtesy of the Grimsby Telegraph.

People Keep Mistaking This New Jersey Metal Band for an English Pub


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