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PAUL DI'ANNO Wishes GHOST's Cover Of IRON MAIDEN Was Better Vocally

"I just wish he'd put a bit more effort into the vocals. That's all."

Ghost Dianno

Ghost recently released their cover of Iron Maiden's 1980 track "Phantom Of The Opera" and former vocalist Paul Di'Anno isn't a fan.

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Di'Anno's criticism originated as a now-deleted Facebook post saying "Everyone asking my opinion on the ghost cover of phantom well not that it matters but it fkn sucks," though he's since elaborated. In an interview with Loaded Radio, Di'Anno said he's into Ghost's cover musically but feels the vocals could've used some more work.

"The music's great. I just don't think Tobias fucking tried hard enough vocally," said Di'Anno. "He sounds a bit plain… And he changed the lyrics slightly… That was a bit weird."

"When I first heard it, I was probably in a bad mood that day. I said, 'This is fucking bullshit.' But I've listened to it about three or four times. [The music is] pretty damn good, actually, to be honest with you. But as I said, I just feel like Tobias didn't give it some welly, as we say… Give me some fucking welly."

Despite the negative opinion of the vocals, Di'Anno said he's still stoked for Ghost and their success. Just y'know, not the vocals on that cover.

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"Regardless of what you think of Ghost, I'm very happy for them. Maybe I was just pissed off with life [that day], as usual. The older I get, the grumpier I am. Fucking great. Once you get over 50, you've got every fucking right to say what you want. As I said, I just wish he'd put a bit more effort into the vocals. That's all."

Di'Anno originally fronted Iron Maiden between 1978 and 1991, and sang on both their self-titled and Killers.

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