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PAPA ROACH's Vocalist Loves That "Last Resort" Became A Meme Over The Years

"I'm, like, 'I am the 'cut my life into pizza' guy. That's right, dude."


Papa Roach's "Last Resort" helped propel the band's 2000 album Infest to mainstream success, and currently has over 760 million plays on Spotify. The song has also been the butt of countless jokes and memes over the years, so much so that there was an entire article about it five years ago on Buzzfeed.

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So how does Papa Roach vocalist Jacoby Shaddix feel about the song's popularity and meme-ability? Long story short, he loves it. Shaddix said in an interview with Nik Nokturnal that he absolutely owns the song and loves the reaction it still gets from audiences to this day.

"It's everywhere, dude. It's even in my house, with my kids. It's funny, dude. It's one of those things that, honestly, I'm absolutely grateful for because we have a cult classic and a best-seller wrapped into one. And in meme culture, people take the piss out of it, and I love it, 'cause it means that you've made it into the fabric of pop culture and we're part of the landscape of what people are talking about still. And what else can you ask for? It's such a great thing. And every time we perform that song, it ignites the audience.

"You could be at a bar mitzvah and drop that song and somebody there would be, like, 'That's my fucking jam.' Or I could be at TSA fucking airport security, and [someone will be like], 'Are you the 'cut my life…"? And I'm, like, 'I am the 'cut my life into pizza' guy. That's right, dude. Let's go.' I'll be that guy."

Papa Roach also recently incited a circle pit at a pizza place, which rules.

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