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OVID'S WITHERING Frontman Talks About Concepts, New Sounds For Upcoming Record

I can't wait!

I can't wait!

Let's be real here for a second- if you're not recognizing Ovid's Withering as one of the most important, innovate bands out there right now, then you're doing it wrong. Ovid's takes the concept of orchestral metal and blows it out into full-fledged compositions, instead of just throwing some strings in the background and citing Dimmu Borgir as "the best band ever." Creativity is hard for some people, you know?

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Anyway, the group's 2013 debut Scryers of the Ibis was one of the best that year and it'll be interesting to see how the band plans on topping it. That… or going in a completely different direction? Frontman JJ Polachek (7 Horns 7 Eyes, Monotheist) checks in regarding the sound of the new album, along with a hint as to who is mixing it:

"There are lots of new quirks we toyed with to make up what is looking like the 68 minute or so total runtime of this beast. First off, many of the new songs have a lot more breathing room in them. Not saying they're longer, but there's more open space and atmosphere, and this will naturally lend itself to a more detailed and immersive narrative that's more natural in the scope of it being a metal song and not a full-on musical number. A lot of it is more intricate than Scryers, and I know that based on just who is mixing it that it will be MUCH heavier and more massive-sounding than Scryers as well.

On the topic of guest spots and general insanity of the new music:

"Also, we'll have quite a few friends joining us in various guest spots on this album, to give a voice (whether it's vocal or instrumental) to some main characters in the story. The only other thing I can give away is that these songs will not be easy to play live, and we have a lot of work cut out for us now that we have to put vocals over this fucker. Gonna be even more intense than the last one, and I'll be pulling out as many 'holy shit' takes as my little body can possibly deliver."

…and of course, what would Ovid's Withering be without an awesome concept? Seriously, can these guys make a graphic novel or something to go along with the new stuff?

"The new material is both literally and somewhat figuratively a sequel to Scryers. Lyrically it picks up right where Scryers left off, Pan has killed himself and Anesidora has unleashed the Terraphage, wiping out all life on the surface of the world. New characters, gods, demigods, and god-hopefuls come out of the woodwork and seek control of the clean slate of planet they are now on. Poseidon has killed all the other gods on Olympus so now there are voids of territory an power being vied after and fought over. That's the premise we start out with and where it goes from there is something you'll have to find out when you buy the damn thing."

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Polachek said the new album should be out by late summer, but the group isn't going to rush anything.

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