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NYC club owners speak out

NYC club owners speak out

Whether you're a NYC resident or not, chances are you may be aware of several closings through out the NY Rock and Metal scene in recent years. With an ever growing list of forgotten venues, it would appear the city and it's residents continue to fortify the death of a once prominent music scene in NY.

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The New York Observer, posted a recent article in which club owner Robert Kremer speaks out on even more recent shut downs, and format changes both past and present. "Take your pick of reasons—cranky neighbors, rapacious landlords, the iPod—but hosting live rock music has become ‘a ton of headaches.' With so many obstacles working against the NY Rock/Metal nightlife, some would argue the future of our scene seems somewhat bleak at the moment. Since the inception of former Mayor Guiliani's "War on NYC Nightlife" the city began a domino effect of closing venues, pushing nearly all local shows out of real venues and into the likes of Bars, Restaurants, and Lofts. I'm left to wonder how long it will be before the Metal Injection crew is forced to attend shows exclusively in basement sewers.

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