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DANK SLAMS: New DEVOURMENT Track "Narcissistic Paraphilia" Is Murder In Musical Form

dank slams

Aye. It's been a minute. Time to pull that Cheeto dust-encrusted watermelon from your corn nugget dispenser and pay attention. Shit is about to get real.  Today, slammies, we will not subject you to the same ole same ole safe-sounding, stale-as-grandma's ____ slam. Nope. Not here. Not now. Today, we take this shit back to its roots; back to a time when brutal slammin death metal was, well, brutal.

DANK SLAMS: New DEVOURMENT Track "Narcissistic Paraphilia" Is Murder In Musical Form

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Devour. The word says it all: de (latin for ‘down’) + vorare (latin for ‘to swallow’). The directness of the word, and its associated meaning, couldn't be more on point when it comes to its musical manifestation, that being legendary Texan slam squadron, Devourment. For the noobs among you, a Devourment listening experience is akin to being obliterated like a particle in the Large Hadron Collider and then devoured by a supermassive black hole. Think we are kidding? Check out their '05 hit, "Babykiller". Be warned, this track ain't made of snowflakes and pixie dust. This is REAL Texan brutality, y'all.

For the rest of us, we know these guys have been dropping fire for the past two decades (three, if you count their very early days in the mid-to-late 90s). With six long years since their last studio effort, Conceived In Sewage, the band are set to drop their ferocious new album, Obscene Majesty, on August 16th via Relapse Records.

DANK SLAMS: New DEVOURMENT Track "Narcissistic Paraphilia" Is Murder In Musical Form

This time around, the guys have reunited with producer D. Braxton Henry, who played in the band on their infamous track “Babykiller” and helped craft the band’s sound on the first three albums. The record also sees founding member Brad Fincher back on drums, Ruben Rosas returning to lead vocals (a formation previously only heard on the legendary Molesting the Decapitated); bassist Chris Andrews handling the eight-string guitar, and Dave Spencer taking over on bass.

We at the old skanky dank are honored to bring you an exclusive stream of a brand new song, entitled "Narcissistic Paraphilia". Stream it below, and then grab a pre-order of Obscene Majesty in a variety of formats here. Regarding the song, the guys had this to say:

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“The song focuses on the internal monologue of the archetypal serial killer’s psychology. One that is typified by pathological narcissism and auditory hallucinations. The kind that can compel a seemingly mild-mannered person to pursue a life filled with debased violence, mayhem, fear, and death.”

Is it us, or has Texas been killin it lately? Both this and that lit new Post Malone track , "Goodbyes", in one week? Damn.

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