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MSRcast 140: Dan Swano Interview

In this episode of MSRcast, we had the ultimate pleasure of interviewing multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer, Dan Swano. During the interview, we diuscuss his new band, Witherscape and the concept, working with Paul Kuhr, his new partner in the band, some of the projects he has been involved with, and oh so much more.


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Witherscape – Astrid Falls – Witherscape

Novembers Doom – Dark World Burden – The Pale Haunt Departure

Star One – Master Of Darkness – Space Metal

Threshold – Slipstream – Dead Reckoning

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Bloodbath – Eaten – Nightmares Made Flesh

Dan Swano – Uncreation – Moontower

Swano/Tagtren – Country Girl – Dio Cover

Judas Priest – Call For The Priest – Sin After Sin

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Voivod – Nothingface – Nothingface

Symphony X – The End Of Innocence – Iconoclast

Nightingale – Invisible – Invisible

Edge Of Sanity – After Afterlife 99 remix – Evolution

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