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Movie Review: Tenacious D in "The Pick of Destiny"

Tenacious D

I'm sure you have seen all the hype for the new Tenacious D movie, The Pick of Destiny. Some of you may even be really annoyed by it. But, I must implore you… if you are into the metal, you will definitely appreciate this movie!

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From the first second the movie begins, you are hooked (especially if you're stoned). Without giving much away, there are a good share of cameos from the rock elite to shed some credibility on the project.

The movie basically tells the tale of a young JB (Jack Black) coming from a very Christian home, where he's the black sheep, and into the rock, so he flees to Hollywood, where he finds KG (Kyle Gass) and a connection is made. And so the band's journey begins, and eventually they learn of the Pick of Destiny and must find it. As all of this is happening, there are a lot of pot references.

This movie can definitely be compared to Cheech & Chong with a hint of Metalocolypse inside. And old fans rejoice, the movie pretty much does not repeat anything from the TV series (unlike another hilarious comedy from a foreign country) but the movie still obeys the rules it set for itself in the TV show. The plot is mildly thin, but that just gives them an excuse to do a bunch of ridiculous skits. The only shame was there weren't complimentary bongs passed around.

Two horns up!

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