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MNEMIC Guitarist Quits, Band Announces Brief Hiatus

Mnemic have been noticeably silent in the latter half of 2013. Between their canceling of shows, including an appearance at Euroblast, and general lack of communication on their Facebook, something was up. Now we know exactly what's up and it kind of sucks a little bit.

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Mnemic took to their Facebook earlier in the day on Monday, November 18, to explain their current situation and why a hiatus is needed:

“Hey folks, without further ado it’s time to shed some light on Mnemic‘s present and future.

Bad news first, we’re sad to announce that guitarist Victor Ray Salomonsen has decided to leave the band to pursue other musical paths and also focusing on being a dad. We want to thank him for two awesome years together, that made “Mnemesis” as well as 3 European tours, 1 Australian tour and many other great shows around the globe.

There is no way we are going to let Victor out without throwing a big-ass “goodbye” party, that’s why we invite you to join us @ BETA in Copenhagen on November 28th 2013 where we’ll have our last show with him, so let’s have one hell of a great time together!

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Many of you have probably been wondering, and some have been asking us in regards to why there has not been any activity from our side. The reason we’ve cancelled the latest shows, including our Euroblast appearance, was due to lineup instability as Victor left the band this summer, and bad vibes surrounding the band; and this turmoil was also undermining the writing process of Mnemic‘s next album. And with the next album, great responsibility, clutter and confusion are not compatible with it.

Therefore we decided to take a breather, clear out our minds and start fresh when the stars will align. In this era of fast food approach applied over music we’ll go zen over it and focus on music alone. It is what matters the most and what will be remembered overtime, not the noise surrounding it. That’s why we’ll keep as a 4 piece for the time being.

In the meantime our side projects, Mircea‘s Blood Eagle, Guillaume‘s One Way Mirror, Simone‘s The Modern Age Slavery and Empyrios will keep us busy and help getting back on track with an album to be remembered!

See you in Copenhagen on November 28th for this special occasion and thanks for the support!

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– Mircea, Guillaume, Simone, Brian“

It's awesome that the band want to take some time off and get it together before committing themselves to another record. Double big ups for them realizing the material they had wasn't up to par! That takes a lot of self-awareness and honesty to be able to know you're just writing for the sake of writing. Fans can take solace in the fact the band are in no way breaking up too and will continue on with really badass projects like Blood Eagle.

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