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MISFITS Teasing Another Reunion Show In December

Posted by on October 22, 2019 at 11:14 am

Misfits featuring vocalist Glenn Danzig, bassist Jerry Only and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (backed by drummer Dave Lombardo, and guitarist Acey Slade) initially reunited for the first time since 1983 at Riot Fest 2016. There have since been a string of successful reunion shows, eventually revealed to be a part of a lawsuit settlement, that many assumed would come to an end at Madison Square Garden on October 19 of this year.

The assumption was due to Danzig, explicitly saying there will be no more Misfits reunion shows after the MSG gig. Now it looks like that might not be true.

Live Nation recently posted a short video of the Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty alongside the Misfits skull with the date December 14, 2019. Unless this is a very specific hockey-related promo, it seems like maybe there might be another Misfits reunion show.

Stay tuned.

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