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Metal Vocalist Win Persia's Version Of The Voice

Shout out to Out Of Nowhere vocalist Amin Yahyazadeh.

The Voice Persia
via Out Of Nowhere's Instagram

We've written countless times about metal vocalists trying and failing to impress the judges on shows like The Voice (looking at you, Finland) and American Idol (looking at you, a lot of you). Except this time, someone's actually won one of those shows.

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Out Of Nowhere vocalist Amin Yahyazadeh has taken home first place on the very first season of The Voice Persia. Of course Yahyazadeh toned down his screaming for the show and sung a lot more melodically, but hey – it's a testament to his abilities that he can do both.

On his win, Yahyazadeh offered the following (translated from Persian to English): "This competition is over and I learned so many new things during this program. I got to know good-voiced talents. I saw tears and smiles from a short but deep friendship. Fighting to achieve the goal. Stories of immigrants interested in music and… this period of my life, despite all its difficulties, was very sweet and memorable for me.

"I hope to see the success of my artist friends whom I met in this program day by day and be proud of them. It was an honor to be with great artists like @leilaforouhar, @isogand, @kamyarmusic. I was and in the end I am a unique coach @bijan_mortazavi_original who labored compassionately so that we could win this competition. If I won this competition, I owe it only to my wife, who supported me in this competition @fa.temehbaqeri

"Thank you very much for supporting the program from the beginning and giving me a lot of energy ????????"

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So congratulations to Yahyazadeh! Dude rules and clearly The Voice Persia agrees. You can also check out Out Of Nowhere below, whose music does a great job walking the line between melodic and much heavier. And give 'em a follow here too – they deserve it.

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