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Metal Science

New Study Asks Which Music Festival Has The Most People Having Sex?

Nobody. Not even you.

Nobody. Not even you.

Sex toy company got around to think about what music festivals would really put people in the mood, so they gathered up 1,000 people and asked 'em. I'm not sure if this is going to be news to a lot of you, but the majority of people didn't say they'd want to get down at Evoken show or do the dirty during Summer Slaughter.

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One of the tangentially-related metal festivals on the list, and I use "tangentially" lightly here, is Download. Though to be fair, 8% of the sample population say that metal would be the best music to bone to… so there's hope. One of the major issues here is that there's no indication regarding what the split of sexes were in the study, so maybe this was just 1,000 lonely-ass dudes fantasizing.

Here are the stats, thanks to Team Rock.

Most promiscuous music festival

  1. Glastonbury 34%
  2. Creamfields 13%
  3. Download 10%
  4. T in the Park 9%
  5. V Festival 8%
  6. The Secret Garden Party 7%
  7. Leeds 6%
  8. Isle of Wight 5%
  9. Reading 4%
  10. Bestival 2%
  11. Latitude 1%

Best type of music to have sex to at a festival

  1. R&B 25%
  2. Dance 22%
  3. Rock 22%
  4. Indie 11%
  5. Metal 8%
  6. Pop 6%
  7. Rap 1%

Which of this summer's headliners would most likely to put you in the mood for sex

  1. Rihanna 30%
  2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 17%
  3. Adele 10%
  4. Coldplay 9%
  5. Muse 7.5%
  6. Queen 7%
  7. Iron Maiden 6.5%
  8. Kasabian 5%
  9. The Cure 3%
  10. Justin Bieber 2%

Best place for sex at a festival

  1. Tent
  2. Car
  3. Campervan
  4. Quiet spot in a field
  5. Yurt
  6. Backstage
  7. Dance tent
  8. In the crowd
  9. Portaloo

Websites that make er'ryone wanna get nude

  1. Metal Injection
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