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Metal Science

Metal Fans Are The Least Likely To Cheat On Their Significant Other, According to New Study

Surveys say we're good people. Go us!

Surveys say we're good people. Go us!

According to a survey done by Mirror U.K., heavy metal fans are the least likely fans to cheat on their significant others. The survey consisted of over 6,500 music fans being questioned and the results can be read below. Who knew that Jazz fans were such cheating bastards?! Here is the genre of music, followed by how likely somebody is to cheat based on liking that genre of music:

Jazz: 19%
Salsa: 14%
Pop: 13%
Country: 12%
Rap: 9%
Classical music: 8%
Blues: 6%
Reggae: 5%
Rock and roll: 5%
Electronica: 4%
Indie: 3%
Heavy metal: 2%

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Interesting, though I'd love to know if the survey allowed people to choose more than one genre of what they listen to? Plus we've got to account for people lying since they're not exactly proud of themselves cheating… so maybe the next quiz should be "What Fans Are The Most Full Of Shit." Anyway, if you're dating a jazz fan or country fan, dump them. They're doing someone behind your back for sure.

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[via Lambgoat]

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