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Juggalo Makeup Can Outsmart Facial Recognition Technology

Posted by on July 10, 2019 at 1:18 pm

Turns out there is a benefit to being a juggalo – you can outsmart facial recognition technology. With surveillence reaching creepy levels of invasion, this is quite a discovery by Twitter user @tahkion.

"I made a breakthrough."  @tahkion tweeted, "It turns out juggalo makeup defeats facial recognition successfully. If you want to avoid surveillance, become a juggalo, I guess." Here is his proof:

@tahkion pointed out that corpse paint is not sufficient enough in evading facial recognition as the software can still recognize your jawline. But the juggalo make up throws all of that into disarray.

KISS makeup doesn't do the trick either, as the features are still recognized:

In conclusion, juggalo makeup is your best bet if you're on the lamb.

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