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MESHUGGAH write new album

Meshuggah promopic1

Meshuggah issued a statement where they announced that they are currently in "writing mode" (read: smoking a lot of pot) and should be for the rest of the year. The band also states that they will hit the road in support of this tour.

"Right now we are writing material for the new album. After the Nothing re-release, we more-or-less finished working on our studio, so know we're putting together a kind of demo to see where we are at material-wise and basically give the studio, the songs, and us a test-run, heh, heh. We are swimming in dark waters that constitute putting an album together and whatever we find beneath the surface is definitely gonna be… interesting. Suffice to say that we're in a weird but inspirational period right now. It's all gonna be about the writing during November. The demo recording is hopefully happening in December in-between the pinball tournaments here in the studio. Then we'll see where we're at, I guess. In hell, probably. We've got no working title or concrete cover ideas yet, but it's getting there. It's the slow process of coming to terms with the material we've got and hopefully understand what to make of it. The plan is to have the album out late Spring or – if things get fucked up – early Fall. Naturally, the touring will be planned around the album release, so we'll see when we get closer to completing the album."

I, for one am excited. During the band's 2005 tour, we were lucky enough to snag Marten for an interview, albeit an extremely stoned interview. Watch it after the jump…

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