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Current & Ex-Members Of GOD FORBID, DOPE, KITTIE And DIVINE HERESY Launch Cover Band

Members of God ForbidDopeKittieDivine Heresy are currently working together on a cover band called Paradise City, which I would imagine has something to do with Guns N' Roses. Could this actually be cool?

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Just so we're clear, the band will be focusing on “metal, alternative and hard rock classics from the 90′s to today,” which is a solid 23+ years worth of music to cover. So hey, anything in those 23 years… get excited; Paradise City might cover it.

The lineup features vocalist Tommy Vext from Vext and formerly of Divine Heresy on vocals, Doc Coyle and Matt Wicklund from God Forbid on guitar, Acey Slade formerly of Dope on bass, Jennifer Arroyo also on bass for some reason I haven't figured out yet, and Moe Watson on drums. Why are there two bassists? If you're in NYC, you can find out tonight when the group has their first live performance.

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