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Meet PSEUDO/SENTAI, Your New Favorite Hyper Eclectic Metal Band

Pseudo/Sentai are the weirdest most wonderful band who you have never heard of.

Pseudo/Sentai are the weirdest most wonderful band who you have never heard of.

Pseudo/Sentai just dropped their latest record, Enter The Sentai. The band claimed it was their attempt at putting out a pop record. What unfolded was some of the most wonderfully eclectic metal that I have ever heard. This is a band who place everything on the compositions, feature some of the worlds best session musicians and somehow manage to get only more grandiose and powerful over time. A band who incorporate elements from just about every major music genre from the last fifty years, Pseudo/Sentai only get more interesting the more you listen to them.

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It's rare these days to find a band who so confidently break all the rules and craft their own thing. This is a heavy metal band who don't really want to be a heavy metal band. They are a band who expand on all the traditional tropes of rock as a whole in the name of finding something greater. Stream Enter The Sentai:

I first fell in love with Pseudo/Sentai with their penultimate release, Bansheeface an album so chaotic that this record seems down to earth. The grandiose stories and overarching themes are endlessly interesting to a music dork like me. The  band takes every prog metal trope to its logical extreme and it Is glorious. That being said, from what I've heard Pseudo/Sentai is already planning another release and this one might be the craziest yet with multiple storylines and all manner of music dorkery.

It should come as no surprise that Colin Marston of Gorguts fame is the producer on all of this bands albums. When you have a band as musically strong as Pseudo/Sentai it no longer becomes a question of standout tracks, or even standout albums you really have to dig into the whole thing to truly appreciate what Pseudo/Sentai has done here – creating one of the most impressive discographies in outer sound.

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