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MASTODON Announce Producer Of Next Album

Back in September, Mastodon revealted they wanted to knock out a new record to be released possibly in spring of 2014. The band appear to be men of their word as they've announced they're hitting up the studio with legendary producer Nick Raskulinecz (Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, Rush) shortly! I'm praying to whatever god will listen this record is better than The Hunter was.

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Seriously, did anyone else feel like The Hunter was a cobbled-together turd in an otherwise amazing discography? In an interview with Rolling Stone published recently, drummer Brann Dailor revealed some extremely promising information regarding the 25-or-30 songs the band currently have written for the record. I'm talking like, Crack The Skye-level of promising here:

“It’s gonna be massive and insane, lots of epic greatness. There will be lots of huge riffs and new directions. It’s real weird, real math-y, real straightforward. It’s up, down and all around. It’s a culmination of everything for the band. The snowball keeps rolling and collecting snow.”


“There’s very few things that anybody can do to stop a Mastodon record from being born. And this thing’s gonna get born, OK? And there’s nothing anybody can do about it. We’re ready to lay them shits down. We’re ready to rock.”

I'm trying not to get too excited about the record because I'm afraid of being disappointed again, but I just can't help it. While we're waiting we could all drink a ton of Mastodon's new Double IPAs and blast some Blood Mountain!

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[via The PRP]

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