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MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn Is "Proud As Fuck" Of "Very Divisive" 2018 Album Catharsis

Posted by on November 13, 2019 at 2:37 pm

Machine Head's 2018 album Catharsis didn't do too hot with the critics, or even ex-guitarist Phil Demmel, though vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn disagrees with how the record is perceived. Flynn tells Metal Hammer that only the vocal minority really disliked the record and that fans overall really dug it. Flynn adds that fans shouldn't expect Machine Head to repeat themselves, and that Catharsis was the perfect example the band changing direction.

“I’m proud as fuck of that record. I knew it was going to piss people off. Somehow it’s become the mythology of Catharsis, ‘It was a very divisive record!’ Every fucking article I read! Yeah, it was divisive to white supremacists and racist pieces of shit, it was divisive to the fuckin’ alt-right.

"But our fans loved it. People love that fucking record. A bunch of asshole trolls who got their fuckin’ panties in a bunch about it. Fuck ’em! I feel like certain groups, the press in particular, want me to apologise for that record. I ain’t apologising for shit!”

“To the extremely vocal minority that didn’t like it, hey man, that’s cool! I’m not mad at you. I’m grateful that anybody liked any moment of Machine Head. If you ever liked one song that I’ve written in my life, I’m unbelievably grateful. Thank you so much for enjoying something that I did.

"I think it’s unbelievably arrogant and naïve and fucking stupid to think that everything I write is going to appeal to every single person that ever bought even one album of ours. I don’t expect everybody to stay on this journey, but if you do stick around, it’s gonna be fucking crazy because that’s what life’s like.”

So let's see – how does everyone feel about Catharsis now that we're about a year out from its release? Has anyone's opinion changed about the record or overall is everyone sticking to their guns? Which isn't a smartass line of questioning. I'm genuinely curious.

Machine Head also released a new song called "Do Or Die" and will soon hit North America for their Burn My Eyes tour.

January 16th – PHOENIX, The Van Buren [Tickets]
January 18th – ALBUQUERQUE, El Rey [Tickets]
January 20th – DALLAS, House of Blues [Tickets]
January 21st – SAN ANTONIO, Azetc Theatre [Tickets]
January 22nd – HOUSTON, House of Blues [Tickets]
January 26th – ORLANDO, House of Blyes [Tickets]
January 27th – FT. LAUDERDALE, Revolution [Tickets]
January 28th – TAMPA, Ritz Ybor [Tickets]
January 30th – ATLANTA, Center Stage [Tickets]
January 31st – SILVER SPRING, The Fillmore [Tickets]
February 1st – NEW YORK CITY, Webster Hall [Tickets]
February 4th – TORONTO, Danforth Music Hall [Tickets]
February 5th – MONTREAL, Corona Theatre [Tickets]
February 7th – BOSTON, House of Blues [Tickets]
February 8th – BUFFALO, Town Ballroom [Tickets]
February 9th – CLEVELAND, Agora Theater [Tickets]
February 11th – INDIANAPOLIS, The Vogue [Tickets]
February 12th – LOUISVILLE, Mercury Ballroom [Tickets]
February 14th – DETROIT, Crofoot [Tickets]
February 15th – CHICAGO, Metro [Tickets]
February 16th – MINNEAPOLIS, Skyway Theatre [Tickets]
February 18th – DENVER, The Gothic Theatre [Tickets]
February 19th – SALT LAKE CITY, The Depot [Tickets]
February 21st – OAKLAND, Fox Theater [Tickets]
February 22nd – ANAHEIM, House of Blues [Tickets]

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