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LIMP BIZKIT's Next Single Released On Cassette Only, Ensuring Maximum Listenership

Limp Bizkit will "Endless[ly] Slaughter" you on a boom box… you dig?

Limp Bizkit will "Endless[ly] Slaughter" you on a boom box... you dig?

What's up with bands releasing their new singles on cassette? First The Dillinger Escape Plan and now Limp Bizkit! Not that it's a bad thing- let's get creative and weird with releasing new singles on different formats because well, why not? It's fun for the fans and I'm sure the bands get a kick out of it.

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Limp Bizkit are also taking notes from what Dillinger did and only releasing the song at shows. The main difference here is that Dillinger is just releasing a one-off single, while Limp Bizkit is releasing "Endless Slaughter" off  Stampede of the Disco Elephants, an album they've been talking about forever now

Said the only man excited about the album, I'm sure.

"'Endless Slaughter' is the first 'experience' from our new album Stampede of the Disco Elephants and will be available only on CASSETTE in about two weeks or so. Plus, these lovely collectibles will be sold only at our concerts. I'd suggest finding one of your oldest of old school friends to supply the cassette deck equipped BOOM BOX for your analogue listening pleasure. No rules. No limits."

Did you hear their Ministry cover or their first single "Ready To Go"?

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