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LIMP BIZKIT's New Album Isn't Out Yet Because Fred Durst Isn't Happy With It

No Stampede Of The Disco Elephants in 2016.

No Stampede Of The Disco Elephants in 2016.

I know it's fashionable to shit on Limp Bizkit, but let's all at least admit the band's instrumentation has always been on point. I've never been a huge Fred Durst fan, but as a unit, I've always been at least interested in what Bizkit was up to. Which is why it kind of sucks that the apparently mythical Stampede Of The Disco Elephants is now coming up on its sixth year of not being released.

In an interview with Someone Who Isn't Me, guitarist Wes Borland says the record's delay is due to Durst not being happy with it.

“That was the idea then. I’m not sure what his [Durst‘s] idea is now, exactly. I know we’ve worked on a lot different, we’ve had a lot of different sessions for this record. And people, our diehard fans, really want it to come out. But the truth is that Fred‘s just not happy with what he’s working on—he’s not happy with it. So I know he’s been working on vocals for it on and off.”

“Some of that might be part of the record, that might still be what the record is. I don’t know if more is going to be written or not. But in the same way, I’m much more the person where I’ve just been like ‘let’s do whatever and just put it out.’ I’m all about capturing whatever is happening with me now. That’s probably why I’ve looked back and not liked a lot stuff that I’ve done. It’s because I’m looking back, like an old haircut that I had or something.

It’s like the equivalent of going like ‘oh, what was I thinking?’ but I’m much more of a ‘let’s do it and get it out,’ where he’ll just keep working on something till he’s happy with it, even if it takes years. And at this point it has taken years for him to get happy with it. I’m just not sure he’s… Like in the same way where it’s like ‘well, nobody gives a fuck, let’s just put it out.’ I think his mindset is like ‘nobody gives a fuck so I better like it if I’m going to put it out for me.’ So I think that we don’t see eye to eye in that way. But I understand, I definitely understand how he feels about it.”

Whether we're talking about Limp Bizkit, or Metallica, or Septicflesh, or whoever, the sentiment remains the same – if you're not stoked on your own material, then there's really no reason to put it out.

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