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LAMB OF GOD's Chris Adler Discusses Randy Blythe's Recent Arrest; Band Not Planning On Changing Their Live Show

The biggest news story of the year, without question, was Randy Blythe's five week detainment in a Czech prison over allegations of manslaughter stemming from a 2010 show, where a fan died after sustaining injuries from stage diving (and allegedly being pushed by Blythe). Blythe is free and now the band is looking to move forward, recently announced a tour with support from In Flames, Hatebreed and HELLYEAH. Drummer Chris Adler recently spoke to Billboard magazine, in what I believe is the first interview he's given since Randy's release. Here are the interesting tidbits from that interview: 

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On whether the band will alter their stage show:

"It's difficult for us to say in any way that this was something that was our fault and that we should change how we're doing things, because we're already trying to look out for those kinds of incidents," Adler says, noting that the band's concert contracts and riders call for ample security.

"We certainly don't want to change what it is we do," he continues. "This is obviously a terrible tragedy that nobody foresaw or intended to happen. But it's such a random series of events that caused it to happen that I don't think us changing what we do would necessarily stop it from happening again."

On Randy's upcoming trial, in January:

"They haven't really played their hand out in the case and what they have on us. Obviously this tragedy happened, but how they're going to go about prosecuting is a mystery to us," Adler says, noting that the legal bills are astronomical. "Not knowing how their justice system works and being repeatedly surprised by events from when we landed there, who knows what will happen? But we believe that we are innocent of it and justice will sort itself out."

On potential new music from the band, since Randy has all those lyrics written:

"We really haven't had the opportunity to tour on the album ('Resolution') that came out in January and debuted fairly strong," Adler says. "We may have the pieces in place to begin working on some sort of creative endeavor, but I think now is the time for us to get to work and get out there and support the record."

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Needless to say, I am really excited to finally get to catch the band on the road this fall. Don't miss this tour!

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