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KORN's Brian "Head" Welch Talks About The Importance Of Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Welch teamed up with the You Rock Foundation.

Photo by Robert Forte

The You Rock Foundation is a non-profit committed to sharing the stories of your heroes and spreading mental health awareness in a way that makes you feel you are not alone. Especially in the trying times we're in today, it's important to take inventory on your thoughts and feelings. With May being the Mental Health Awareness Month, the foundation has just launched its first big interview in a while, and they did a beautiful job with it.

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KORN's Brian "Head" Welch is no stranger to discussing his struggle with life, addiction, and finding his path as seen in the film Loud Krazy Love also starring his daughter, Jennea Welch. Today, The You Rock Foundation sits them both down for a deep interview discussing his life hitting rock bottom and climbing back on top. You can watch the moving video below.

Visit The You Rock Foundation for more stories, and resources for anyone in need to talk.

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