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KORN's JONATHAN DAVIS On Bassist FIELDY: "I Pray That He Can Figure It Out And Get Better"

"I love him; he's my brother. But I watched somebody I care about die and I'm not going to fucking do that again."

Korn bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu has been on hiatus from the band since July to deal with "some personal issues." Arvizu is currently replaced by Suicidal Tendencies bassist Roberto "Ra" Diaz live, thought he did play on the new Korn album Requiem.

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Now an in interview with Kerrang!, both guitarist Brian "Head" Welch and vocalist Jonathan Davis expressed their concerns about Arvizu. Both members of course wish him well and hope he can return to the band as soon as possible.

"I love him; he's my brother. But I watched somebody I care about die and I'm not going to fucking do that again. I refuse to," said Davis. "I will feel guilt for the rest of my fucking life because of that. I tried my hardest but perhaps if I'd been a little bit tougher there'd have been a different outcome. I pray that he can figure it out and get better and come back and be a huge part of this band again."

"The best thing to do is stay at home, be with your family, and start processing," added Welch. "He's got to find that healing. I still struggle with it. I had a few slip-ups with my 'bad habits' three to four years ago, so I understand it, but I dealt with it by hitting it head-on and stopping it from becoming a problem. I'm not concerned because I know he's going to be okay."

Korn will release Requiem on February 4. Pre-orders are available here.

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