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KORN Guitarist Is "Begging" Christians To Stop Demonizing Transgendered People

Seriously, stop being dicks.

Seriously, stop being dicks.

I think I made it pretty clear earlier in the week that I'm all for religious freedoms, as long as they're entirely fair and inclusive, despite my general aversion to religion. I don't need to educate you on the horrors of what goes wrong when someone takes religion too far, be it in the United States or abroad. Extreme, fanatical, blind belief if any religion is bound to end poorly.

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So it's not a surprise that when Korn's Brian Welch posted this photo, some of the faithful kind of lost their shit a little.

After seeing some of the hateful comments on the post, which I'd imagine were either willfully taken down or blocked by Welch at this point, the guitarist posted a second status bemoaning the hate.

Regarding my post about transgenders yesterday: Most comments were amazing thanks.

To the few people that were running their mouth about Sodom and Gomorrah and the sin of homosexuality, please open your hearts and read this carefully: God looks at the heart and man looks on the outside. What I do and what we all need to do is find out what is inside people's hearts.

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One of the people in the photo yesterday shared their pain and horrible abuse that happened to them that went on for years I think. Another had "Christians" attack them and throw them away like trash in the past. These people and dozens of others on my tour this summer are getting some level of inner-healing. They are experiencing non-judgmental Jesus lovers who are planting seeds and speaking life into them. Some of them are having instant change, but for most of them, it's going to take some time. Many tears are being shed and their hearts are softening. Each heartless post from you judgemental ones are only helping to harden their hearts to Jesus once again.

The gospel of Christ isn't like fast food. Not everyone has an overnight dramatic conversion like mine. Often times the relationship with God takes hold many years or even a decade or more later.

When you religious people try to force instant repentance and point out people's flaws, you are dismantling what God is trying to do inside of hearts.

If I can convince even one hardhearted Christian to stop posting about instant repentance and hell fire while me and my friends are trying to love people to Jesus over time, then I guess this post was worth it.

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It's a tiring job trying to persuade my people to fall in love with the Son of God, Jesus, while other "Christians" are chasing them away with their posts at the same time.

I'm begging you, please stop.

Good on Welch, seriously. Dude just wants the put downs to stop… and while we're at it, let's talk about how fucking ridiculous it is that people automatically whip out the "WELL THE BIBLE SAYS" garbage. How about Leviticus 19:27, where it states that you're not allowed to cut your hair or beard? Or Genesis 38:9-10, where Onan pulls out and then kills himself because wasting his seed is bad in the eyes or God? Leviticus 19:28 bans tattoos, Leviticus 19:19 bans wearing cotton, 1 Timothy 2:9 says women can't wear jewelery…. the list goes on.

What I'm saying is that if you're throw around living by the book, then live by the fucking book. I grew in Christian household, am not anymore, and even my semi-devout family really doesn't give a damn if you're gay, or transexual.

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