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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Jesse Leach Reveals He Felt Insecure Following Up Howard Jones

"The dude's got a voice of steel. Let's be real — he's an amazing vocalist."

2019-07-27-Heavy-Montreal-Killswitch Engage-8

Original Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach left the band in 2002 and was replaced by Howard Jones until 2012, when Leach rejoined the band. In an interview with the Talk Toomey podcast, Leach said he felt insecure following up Jones as a vocalist because the dude is just way too good. Leach also said he was extremely stoked to team up with Jones on the 2019 Killswitch Engage album Atonement.

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"When I initially [re]joined, I was super insecure about [stepping in after Howard], 'cause the dude's got a voice of steel. Let's be real — he's an amazing vocalist. And for me, it took pushing through my insecurity and realizing that I definitely have a unique style.

"I'm not always on key — I'm a little sloppy; I'm kind of a punk rocker — but my heart and soul is there one hundred percent. So I think for what I might lack in technique I make up for in just sheer determination to deliver the goods… So, for me, it was getting over myself. And the guys had their issues too — let's be real. It wasn't me at first. I'm, like, 'I don't care. I'm just happy to be out here doing this.' So once all the unspoken shit was said and done and everything was squashed, it kind of popped into my head of, like, 'Why are we not doing this? He's back out here doing his thing.'

"At the time, it was Devil You Know. And I was, like, 'Dude, he's killing it. And he's putting forth his best efforts and he's not giving up.' And I respect the shit out of that… And the fact he got his health in check, which is a whole other thing. And it just kind of felt like a no-brainer."

Leach added later in the interview that he and the whole band are still really close with Jones, and that Jones is "killing it" in his new band Light The Torch.

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