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KID ROCK Is Very Offended That People Don't Like His Edgy New Song

Ain't nobody gonna tell him how to cry about it.


Kid Rock recently released a new song that was so laughably terrible that "Weird Al" Yankovic had to let everyone know that it wasn't a parody of his. The song aims to criticize "wokeness" and millennials (I think) but mostly comes off as the audible equivalent of truck nuts on a Ford F150.

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But you know what? Kid Rock doesn't care! He's tired of the media making fun of him and his cool and edgy new song! He doesn't care so much that he just wrote a two-paragraph statement on his Facebook letting everyone know that he doesn't care, which is clearly a sign that he doesn't care.

"All you pansy ass woke critics and trolls are exactly what brought me to create 'Don’t Tell Me How To Live'

"Thank you for the inspiration! Keep shoveling coal on the fire you idiots! I fucking love it! To the Kid Rock dysfunctional family, we already know there is NO tribe like ours in music, period. Stay tuned for more songs to be released soon, an album early next year and god willing… a monster 2022 tour announcement!!!

"Merry Christmas – Kid Rock #NoSellout

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"PS, Remember "Sticks and Stones may break my bones….?" Whatever happened to that shit? Quit being so dam offended, toughen up and enjoy life! We all know the media, social and mainstream, are completely out of hand and only in the business of clicks and views nowadays. Don't take the bait anymore!! Do some research and seek truth or fuck it, just ignore 'em and rock harder!"

Anyway, I'd link you to the song, but maybe just go check out our year-end lists here. There's tons of great music on all of 'em that are substantially better than having to subject yourself to Kid Rock more than once.

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