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JUDAS PRIEST's ROB HALFORD Offers His Opinion On Spotify's Recent Issues

Judas Priest probably won't disappear.

judas priest rob halford

Over the past few weeks, Spotify has found itself in the limelight due to Neil Young and several other artists pulling their music from the platform. These departures were due to accusations surrounding COVID misinformation from The Joe Rogan Podcast, or in the case of a band like Failure, that combined with low pay per stream. Both Rogan and Spotify have since issued statements stating their side of things.

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Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford recently weighed in with his opinion on the matter, essentially saying that Neil Young did what was right for him and that's all these is to it.

"I applaud Neil Young for standing up for what he believes in so strongly," said Halford to Billboard. "I think each of us are dealing with the circumstances of this drama as we see fit. I don't believe in sending out misinformation or disinformation about something that has taken so many lives when the scientific facts speak for themselves. Everybody has an opinion — did [Young] do the right thing? Did he do the wrong thing? You know what? Your opinion doesn't matter. He did the right thing for him."

Halford added he doesn't see Judas Priest disappearing from the platform either, and "prefers to keep music and politics separate."

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