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JIM CARREY Recounts His Surreal Experience Hearing PANTERA The First Time

Dimebag appeared behind him later. Literally.

Jim Carey

It's no secret Jim Carey is a metal fan, as we've all heard and seen with Cannibal Corpse's appearance in his 1994 movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Though Carey's story of hearing Pantera for the first time, and then accidentally running into them later that same day, is pretty nuts.

In a recent interview with FOX 5 Washington DC, Carey told the story of hearing Pantera for the first time on the way down to a hotel with his manager at the time. Carey said he was completely blown away by Pantera's energy and pretty much lost his mind. Then upon arriving at the hotel, none other than Pantera themselves were standing in line behind Carey and his manager waiting to check in.

"The first time I ever heard Pantera, I was driving down to San Diego [to check into a hotel before doing] a concert at a theater. Me and my manager, Jim Miller at the time, we put Pantera on. I had never heard anything like it and it hit me on such a level of like, extreme stimulation that I just started laughing uncontrollably for the entire trek. Just like, nervously laughing, like 'what is happening right now?'"

"And then we went to check into the hotel, and the guys behind us in the line checking into the hotel were Pantera."

I assume the real end of this story is that upon turning around and seeing Pantera behind him, Carey then had to explain to the band why he was currently freaking out.

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